EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Carl Jones (@iamcarljones) Exec Producer Adult Swim’s ‘Black Dynamite’ and ‘Boondocks’











Hey Carl, thanks for taking the time in answering some questions with Bubbleblabber.com!

My pleasure Bubbleblabber. Thank you.
Are you able to tease a little bit as to what is in store for the upcoming season of Black Dynamite ala plots, loglines, etc?


Carl Jones: In Living Color


Born in Germany with humble beginnings, 34 year-old Carl Jones is a self-taught artist and writer that has become a major force in the animation/arts world. Carl is currently producing Adult Swims top-rated animated series, The Boondocks, and was the illustrator of the award winning comic strip of the same name. He has also produced conceptual art for Warner Brothers Pictures along with developing an animated series for Roc-A-Fella Films called The Playpen.

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