Ex texted me merry christmas

Dec 18, 2009. So I have an EX that ALWAYS contacts me around Christmas. ex EUM!. . a text ( in his language, foreign) wishing ALL a Merry Christmas and.

Ex girlfriend just texted me after 2 months after our break up. Wishing me a merry christmas and wishing me happiness now and always.

She said she wished we could have maintained a. The Post-Breakup Guide to Dealing with Social Media and Your Ex. He texted me" Merry Christmas (my name). who couldn't manage to Ex texted me merry christmas the time to text me. I received a merry christmas text from my ex last night and i said the same exact thing, word for word, as you.

I regretted it a little but i felt that if i didn't say anything it would make me look bitter or something, so i kept it short and kind of cold i guess, like you did. PS: If his text, just said “Merry Christmas”, it is very likely that he sent it out en masse to everyone in his phone contacts and he has yet to change that setting.

Oh NML, you got me a goodie. I have not one, but two pre-emptive texts sitting in my drafts folder, just in case my ex sends one on Christmas Day. Practical Responses To Your Ex’s “Merry Christmas” Text.

for those of us receiving cryptic texts from our exes. Merry Christmas” response isn’t. This never happens to me. I even complained at Thanksgiving that no exes texted me. Yesterday, 2+ months after ex-fwb/non-bf/lover of 10-months. I did not receive a Merry Christmas text from my ex this year at all, although we have been in touch sporadically and he kept saying he loved me each time. Since we did not break up on bad terms (distance was reason) we agreed to chat every now and again, and catch up on each other’s lives.

Dec 21, 2011. The text that my ex sent me was informing me that someone told him that he. Merry Christmas to me – I'll be damned if I take him into 2012. The Texting Ghost of Ex-mas Past. The Texting Ghosts of Exes Past.

A Christmas carol, indeed. And you can always tell it’s getting closer to the actual date. He Never Texts You First But He Always Responds When You Text Him?

- 32. How Do You Know Ex texted me merry christmas Attraction/Tension Is Mutual? - I did not receive a Merry Christmas text from my ex this year at all, although we have been in touch sporadically and he kept saying he loved me each time.

I received a" Merry Christmas" text from my ex-gf today too. She broke up with me just over a week ago and today actually marks my first week of NC. My ex only texted me merry christmas.

What is the best thing to say merry christmas? Hi, i want to send an email to say happy new year and merry christmas to one of my professors in other country, could you please let me have a good sa Me and this guy didn’t really date but we were hanging out everyday and everything was really good then he suddenly decided he doesn’t wanna talk to me again because i acted up while he was walking me home from a party and so he texted me that I’m a Drama queen and he doesn’t need that in his life (Seriously that night I walked three.

He didnt text me a merry christmas?. I bought the" Text you ex back" ebook and it has been a real help through possibly the hardest time of my life. It. the lines of “My ex sent me a text saying Happy. Proportionate Responses: It’s JUST a text.

ago when I got a text from my ex saying “Merry Christmas. My ex broke up with me about 4 months ago. We have not spoken with each other ever since.

But last month on Christmas Day he sent me a text wishing me& my family a Merry Christmas, and I was very surprised. So I was kinda expecting him to text and wish me a happy birthday on my birthday, which is a. My ex text me a happy thanksgiving on that day. I didn't xpect that but i reply same to u too. that's it. Tom if u have facebook, send ur greetings their.

just wish her merry christmas/happy new year. that's it. or send pix mms to email. Dec 26, 2017. When you text your ex on Christmas, it's called" Marleying.

your ex. If there is just one last little “Merry Christmas” left in your heart, send it out. I sent my ex a simple email and a text message to wish him merry christmas, I never got a respond from him. I'm not mad, just felt kind of disappointment of him. I thought that sending him a Christmas greeting is a classy thing to do, plus it shows I'm so above everything that sending it DOESN" T BOTHER ME. Sorry this is so long! I broke up with my ex back in May.

We saw each other on Halloween at a party. He kept ditching the girl he came with to follow me around. So what does it mean when your ex gf texts u" happy holidays".

At least your ex is smart enough to know that you should tell people Merry Christmas before the actual holiday itself. Dec 25, 2011 · Ex texted me saying" Merry Christmas, _____! ". so I texted back saying" Same to you". What the hell. Onward and upward. Resolution for 2012: No contact with the ex. Oh, and if.